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Genealogical Publishing Company and Clearfield Company publish hundreds of genealogy books and genealogy CD-ROMs every year, with new releases and reprints coming off press monthly. Featured below are this month's new and featured titles. We urge you to check out this page at the start of every month to learn what's new and/or featured from America's leading publishers of genealogy and family history!

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The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy
4th Edition

In every field of study, there is one book that rises above the rest in stature and authority and becomes the standard work in the field. In genealogy that book is Val Greenwood's "Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy." Arguably the best book ever written on American genealogy, it instructs the researcher in the timeless principles of genealogical research, while identifying the most current classes of records and research tools. The new 4th edition of this celebrated book provides a clear, comprehensive, and up-to-date account of American genealogy--no sound genealogical project is complete without it. "Recommended as the most comprehensive how-to book on American genealogical and local history research"--Library Journal

Price: $49.95

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The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy

Natchitoches Colonials: A Source Book
Censuses, Military Rolls & Tax Lists, 1722-1803

The frontier outpost of Natchitoches (Nak’•i•tush) was the oldest settlement in all the 828,000 square miles of the Louisiana Purchase. Natchitoches was built by France along the Texas border as a buffer against Spanish and Indian aggression. For the next century and a half, it would be the hub for colonial trade with the Southwestern tribes and then the gateway to the west for hordes of Américains seeking new land after the Revolution. Censuses, tax lists, and muster rolls for citizen soldiers and regular troops are prized "people finders." Natchitoches Colonials brings together an astounding number of them for colonial years--gleaned from archives in France, Spain, Cuba, and Mexico, as well the United States. In all, it contains 104 documents--including over 60 never-before published primary sources.

Price: $25.00

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Natchitoches Colonials: A Source Book

The Scottish Jacobites of 1715 and the Jacobite Diaspora

In 1689 James Stuart, King of Scotland, England, and Ireland, abandoned his thrones and went into exile in France, to be replaced by William and Mary as sovereigns. Thereafter, there were several attempts by supporters of the House of Stuart, known as Jacobites, to replace the new House of Hanover and restore the former royal family. Information on the ordinary Jacobites is generally difficult to find, apart from those who fell into the hands of the government. This volume, however, provides a partial list of Jacobites of 1715 based on manuscript or printed primary sources. This compilation has been accumulated over several years, and some of the data has been used in Mr. Dobson’s previous books, such as Dictionary of Scots Banished to the American Plantations, 1650–1715. At the same time, there is significant new material in the book resulting from more intensive research. In all, this mostly new collection identifies about 2,500 Jacobites of 1715 by name, date, place, and source, and in many cases by locality of origin, name of family member(s), name of vessel traveled upon, and destination in the Americas.

Price: $25.00

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The Scottish Jacobites of 1715 and the Jacobite Diaspora

Jefferson County, Georgia, Tax Lists, 1809–1813

This work marks the third volume of Jefferson County, Georgia tax lists compiled by Michael A. Ports (earlier ones covered the periods 1796–1803 and 1804–1808, respectively). The compiler produced this work from the microfilm of the original record volumes made in 1958 at the Court of Ordinary in Louisville by the Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City, Utah. These Georgia tax digests are a significant genealogical resource, especially prior to 1820, a period in which virtually no federal census schedules survive for the state. Every free man, from 21 to 60 years of age, was subject to the poll tax. All owners, regardless of age or sex, were taxed for each of their slaves and all of their land and improvements. Moreover, taxes were levied on specific professions, such as doctors and lawyers, carriages, billiard tables, stock-in-trade, and stud horses.

Price: $45.00

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Jefferson County, Georgia, Tax Lists, 1809–1813

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